Shirts Service

  • Shirt Laundering and Pressing

    We specializing in Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services for the private customer and for corporate offices in and around the Fulham and Chelsea Area . We are delighted to offer our valued customer also a quality - state of the art - in house Dry Cleaning Service. Our men’s or ladies shirts beautifully laundered and and Crisp, clean, pressed and ready to wear for the time poor and money washing, hanging, crying and pressing, let us do all that for you in no time at all and your local dry cleaner take care of them. Using state-of-the-art system can achieve great results with even the grubbiest shirt. Coupled with automated shirt finishing equipment and a final hand finish the need to iron shirts is a distant memory.

  • Professional Shirt Laundry Service

    Our shirt service guarantees a "ready-to-wear" shirt with clean, crisp collars & cuffs and a professional finish that will make you look & feel you’re very best! For those hard to remove stains, like ink, we offer a bleaching service to ensure you always look your best clothes Care Dry Cleaner is committed to delivering the highest quality laundered shirt anywhere and that's why we recently installed a state of the art shirt pressing machine.

  • Fitted & Stylish Shirts

    Shirts with a tailored/fitted shape . Many are made from elastine based fabrics and are dry cleaned or gentle washed to retain the shirt’s shape. Fitted shirts are hand pressed rather than on an automated shirt finishing machine. We specialize in picking up your clothes includes shirts , dry cleaned & ironing them to perfection and delivering them back to you on time, every time! Whether you’re home or not, our service doesn’t stop, allowing you to enjoy a high level of convenience, quality and peace of mind...


Business Shirts Cleaning Service

Do you dread ironing your shirts on a Sunday evening, ready for the working week? Why not try the Clothes Care Dry Cleaners shirt laundry service, for a professionally  clean and crease finish.
Regular business shirts are most commonly worn. Their shape is loose, rather than tailored. Business Shirts are laundered, pressed on an automated shirt finishing machine and finished by hand by our skilled staff. 
Our Laundry Services teams are committed to taking care of all you items ensuring the highest standards in Laundry Services are provided in your home or commercial business.
We understand that shirts need extra attention and effort to make them look ultra crisp and smart. We inspect all shirts and blouses before they are returned to you, so you can rest assured that your shirts are ready to wear feel fresh.